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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cloud 9

by Stein

Good things always come when you least expected it.

Yesterday, I won as Best Cosplayer at the First Talisay City’s Cosplay Convention:Fashion Revolution, a joint project of Blucrush Otakuzen and Bacolod Genre. The event was sponsored by the local SK council and local officials of Talisay City. I didn’t have any tinge of expectations to win something but that time,I have the greatest joy to see the growth of the cosplay community.

I cosplayed Fye Flowright/ Fay Flourite from Tsubasa Chronicles. I always want to cosplay slender bodied hombros and originally, I’m planning to go as Kaito from Vocaloids. Since I don’t have time to prepare for the costume, I settled for Fye because his costume has lesser details (except for his fur coat). Along with the outfit is the white Mokona Modoki plushie that I bought for my sis as an advance birthday present.

I think “hitsuzen”(fate) played a trick on me, I left around 9pm after the catwalk with Elle, Emma and Sai since I haven’t slept for more than 24 hours that time and I need to rest. Elle forgot her jacket at the venue which caused as to go back. Then and there, I decided to stay at the event with Sai and the rest of cosplayers from Bacolod. It was indeed fun mingling with new people and also enjoying the line up of programs such as the Para Para Dance, Stand Up Comedy, Fashion Show and Battle of the Bands. I felt tired and my eyes were about to shut and I was hungry as hell and for a few moments people were screaming “BAN!! ikaw nag daog”, and I was like.. “My name is Stein”, and I don’t know how many times my name was called. (Sorry :D) It was a 3-5 seconds of undefined euphoria, since it never did cross my mind and personally I was expecting Kai or Raikee will take the slot. But THANKS! you caught me off guard and made me speechless for the first time.

So yeah! It was another fun cosplay experience and considering this is my first time to win in a convention. JULY 17, 2010 will be one of the best things that happened this year :) Thanks to BluCrush Otakuzen, Bacolod Genre, SK council and sponsors for making this event, it was indeed a succesful one!. I will share this happiness that I contain to all the people who have been part of this success, to my family, friends, HITSUZEN INC!, Tinta Productions, WHCM! and ofcourse to God Almighty. :)

Oyeah! let’s have something in MOTION :D

Mata ne!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Bleach Boys

Ban as Urahara, Romel as Aizen, Von as Hisagi, Mac as Toshiro, Vench as Gin, and Pollen as Ichigo.

Photo by Ele

Hitsuzen Inc's BLEACHED Project