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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Great Hirako Shinji Bleach Cosplay

Great Hirako Shinji Bleach Cosplay
Hirako Shinji is the leader of the visored, and in fact he is a former captain of the  5th Division shinigami, I feel a little hard to find a Great Hirako Shinji Bleach Cosplay, considering, Shinji Hirako having a unique appearance (especially his smile), and I think this is two the best picture of the Hirako Shinji Bleach Cosplay that I ever found, so I decided to post that here ^^.

I found this picture from, but I do not find any information on who the person behind this Great Hirako Shinji Bleach Cosplay, I think this picture looks very similar and very fit as sinji, they have the same smile, and more importantly I think there is  no touch of photoshop or any photo effects in this picture, they're really similar. I guess they are brother ^^ ". This cosplay photo is cool. (though I do not like the Shinji character in the anime) but I like this Great Hirako Shinji Bleach Cosplay. Greaatt job!

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