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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Soul Eater : Beautiful Liz Thompson Cosplay

Soul Eater : Beautiful Liz Thompson Cosplay
Liz is one of two weapons used by Death the Kid, Liz is a gun, and she always shared with his sister patty, they both always make kid got up from his slump. I think Liz looks more beautiful than Patty with her long hair and I will be very happy if i have a gun that could turn into a beautiful girl like Liz ^^ ".

This is a  perfec cosplay of Liz, her posture is also very fit to Liz but I think Liz did not have a mole on her nose ^^. well, ... I guess it does not matter coz she looks more beautiful with it, she created very beautiful Liz. I found this Liz cosplay picture from, u cans go there to see another cosplay pictures. nice cosplay! :D

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