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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Soul Eater: Great Soul Eater Cosplay

Soul Eater: Great Soul Eater Cosplay
Soul Eater is a partner of The Maka Albarn, which I like from this picture is, expression of the Soul Eater, even though Soul is not exactly like the one in my imagination, but he can look like Soul Eater with his expression ^^, I'm curious what the festival they follow, and where, cos I found this picture from two different sites, and they do not include who the cosplayer, or other information =.=".

And the soul that he is holding looks like a fur ball, if given the eye, I think it would look like Yami Yugi's favorite monster kuriboh ^^. well ... he can create a living Soul Eater, and looks similar to the original Soul Eater, its nice Cosplay! ^^ dont forget to leave ur comment !

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