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Friday, February 11, 2011

Air Gear Cosplay : Simca Cute Cosplay With Short Hair

Air Gear Cosplay : Simca Cute Cosplay With Short Hair
Since I watch the Air Gear anime I never see simca cut her hair, and when I'm looking for the latest episode of Fairy Tail (episode 66), I found a picture of Simca Cosplay with a short haircut, I never imagined it, and little surprice cos its just first time i saw Simca Cosplay in short haircut, (and little doubt of course) but when see her clote there is no doubt anymore, she's really cute ^^" n look younger (that cosplayer factor xD). Simca is one of the girls character who is a member of genessis and quite influential, and she wants Ikki to be leader of Genessis.

I found this cute Simca Cosplay Short Hair from, same place as I find Simca cosplay images that I previously posted, and when I saw this Simca cosplay pictures I think she's very fit at all with simca that is in the anime, although I guess she looks too young and lacking in ummm ... **** point! (i dont Want talk about that =.=") well... Overall I'm very like this Simca cosplay photo, she look cute n cheerful accordance with Simca character that I know on Air Gear anime ^^ .Nice Cosplay!

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