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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Air Gear Cosplay : Simca the swallow cute cosplay

Air Gear Cosplay : Simca the swallow cute cosplay
I've posted some pictures from Simca Cosplay before, and I now have another picture of Simca Cosplay. Simca first appeared in Air Gear when Simca chased by people from some air track group ... ummm ... but I already forgot what they group name :D hehehe but they wear look very odd dog masks, leader of that group was even more strange looks (his hair looks like a dog's head xD), then simca helped by Ikki, that make ikki involved fighting with that dog head group, and after Simca saved by ikki, she was so often played to Ikki place, and sometimes worrie Ringo family .

I love this Simca Cosplay Picture she has made a very sweet simca, and this picture looks very cool with the background setting of a building (more precisely I think she is above that building) that was very illustrates the desire Simca who want to fly high and free as a beautiful swallow bird. however, this has created different Simca Cosplay whic i ever imajine ... well ... i love this Simca Cosplay Pictures.i got this pictures from, you can check there if you want ^^. 

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