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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bleach Cosplay : Neliel Tu Odelschwanck Perfect Cosplay

Bleach Cosplay : Neliel Tu Odelschwanck Perfect Cosplay
This Neliel Cosplay picture looks very perfect, with black and white photo effect that make her look more beautiful and elegant, this Neliel Cosplay cosplayer name is Leah Dizon (she is a Japanese singer and model) she was absolutely perfect with Neliel cosplay, though she does not wear a Neliel complete costume she looks perfect as Neliel Cosplay (I repeat my words =.=") she was not green-haired and also do not wear clothes from Neliel Tu Odelschwanck, just by wearing a skull mask on her head, Leah Dizon has managed to make Perfect Beautiful Neliel Tu Odelschwanck Cosplay fit perpect with Neliel that is in my head ^^. (i think i use too many "Perfect" word here xD)

Neliel is number three strongest arancar but because of a betrayal skull mask in her head cracked, it makes Neliel lose strength also her memory, and her body transform to child body. when a small child that she met Ichigo Kurosaki, and they traveled together to save Inoue. I take this Neliel Tu Odelschwanck Perfect Cosplay from, cans you check there to see the original pictures.Beautiful Neliel Cosplay!

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