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Monday, February 14, 2011

Bleach Cosplay : Soi Fon amazing cosplay by WesternWolf

Bleach Cosplay : Soi Fon amazing cosplay by WesternWolf
I just found this another Amazing Soi Fon Cosplay photo and this time I found this amazing cosplay Soi Fon from by WesternWolf you check there to see another Soi-Fon Cosplay picture, its amazing Soi-Fon cosplay! I like the background of traditional Japanese houses are very thick with the aura of the samurai spirit ^^". it is very convenient for Soi-Fon who is a Kunoichi (Female Ninja).

WesternWolf really look fit with a Soi-Fon Cosplay, she has a body size that fit perfectly with a Soi-Fon is not too big and not too little too ^^. and costume of this Amazing Soi-Fon Cosplay have been made with very similar an original, and very detailed, even the weapons that exist in the Soi-Fon Cosplay finger that looks very real, and it seems painful if got punctured by it xD. and light effect make this Soi-Fon Cosplay photo feel very alife and also soft. Its Amazing Soi-Fon Cosplay Photos!

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