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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Code geass cosplay : Beautiful Shirley cosplay

Code geass cosplay : Beautiful Shirley cosplay 
At first i saw this Shirley Code geass cosplay photos, I think this is a cosplay picture of Inoue (orihime) from Bleach anime, they are both look beautiful and also has orange-haired, but when i saw her uniform, make me sure this is Shirley cosplay from Code Geass.

I wondering who the cosplay girl behind this beautiful Shirley cosplay photo, because I did not find the name of cosplayer, (i already had this Shirley Cosplay photo for long time) I think she was in a cosplay event and I do not know where this event take place :( she has made a very beautiful  Shirley, and I also like the pose that she made ^^. that make her looks very cute! and i hope i can find out who the cosplayer is.

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