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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fairy Tail Cosplay : Lucy Heartfilia cute cosplay

Fairy Tail Cosplay : Lucy Heartfilia cute cosplay
This is Lucy Heartfilia cosplay, one of the protagonists female characters in Fairy Tail Anime series, Luci is spirite celestial magic user she can summon the spirit of the zodiac like taurus,virgo, cancer etc ... the problem is all the  each spirit has a soul and personality, such as taurus is super nasty, and Aquarius is also a very grumpy and always being indifferent to Heartfilia Lucy, like if instructed to wash away any enemies, then Lucy Heartfilia will get her attack too.  =.= " (how a troublesome spirite). like Natsu and other members of the Fairy Tail, Lucy Heartfilia also very scared of Erza Scarlet eyes look ^^".

Lucy Heartfilia is also my favorite character, she looks very cute when turned into a chibi xD, and now I have a cute Lucy Heartfilia cosplay picture, i got this from eBay. its bit hard to find a good Lucy Heartfilia cosplay, and I think this is was the most fitting as Lucy Heartfilia Cosplay, and that snowman that besides her, his name is Plue, he is one of the spirit which is owned by Lucy Heartfilia, I think Lucy was considere Plue as pets, because Plue not use in fight ^^", at least for now (I just watch the 19th episode). well ... thats it. great Lucy Heartfilia cosplay!

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