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Friday, February 11, 2011

Fairy Tail Cosplay: Stunning Laxus Dreyar Cosplay

Fairy Tail Cosplay:  Stunning Laxus Dreyar Cosplay 
Here is this, great Laxus Dreyar Cosplay i ever know,  this Laxus Dreyar cosplay picture is part of the  Laxus Dreyar cosplay picture, which I've posted before, and now I have three Laxus Dreyar Amazing cosplay pictures that I found from that nice Fairy Tail Cosplay site, for Fairy Tail Fans you will like that site, i found this Laxus Dreyar Cosplay while i looking for Mirajane cosplay pictures (its really hard to finding Mirajane Cosplay that fits with my imagination >.<) ^^" i think i really crazy about Fairy Tail lately.

Like i said before, I'm very happy with this Laxus Dreyar cosplay, he is really very fit to Laxus Dreyar I ever imagined, his expression that looks arrogant and very confident to hiself, as if he said that "You are all weak men >: D"(that what Laxus Dreyar said in my imagination ^^"), this stunning Laxus Dreyar cosplay photo really looks very alive, good angel view shots and also a very cool photo effects we can feel deep atmosphere in that photo. and also bamboo forest background very supportive at all, but why did he bring an umbrella belonging Juvia Loxar =.=", ohh my ... I guess Laxus Dreyar has memory loss and changes his personality after he defeated by Natsu. well ... this is awesome Laxus Dreyar cosplay photo. Greaat work!!

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