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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fairy Tail Cosplay : Stunning Mystogan Cosplay

Fairy Tail Cosplay : Stunning Mystogan Cosplay
If  I had Laxus Dreyar Cosplay picture before, so now I have three pictures of his rival now, Mystogan Cosplay, Mystogan was one of the four most powerful wizard in Fairy Tail, if Erza Scarlet has Mirajane as rivals,  than Mystogan was the rival of Laxus Dreyard, (that's my opinion :D) Mystogan not tell too much in the Fairy Tail anime, he uses a lot of magic staff and also always look closed, even if he comes to the guild, he will use Sleeper magic, to make all guild members asleep. he does not want anyone saw his face, especially dont want to be seen by Erza Scarlet, and when Mystogan fight with Laxus his face openand and seen by Erza, and supriseing me and Erza Mystogan has same face with Jellal, that makes Erza feel confused about jellal existence (well ... I'm also more confused than Erza =.=")

I love this Mystogan cosplay Pictures, this stunning Mystogan cosplay pictures look very alive and also looks very real! can be said to be excellent :D! although actually in this Mystogan Cosplay photo have also Laxus cosplay, altough Mystogan face also not visible in this Mystogan Cosplay Photo but he could describe Mystogan very well, and he still looks very mysterious (Of course looks mysterious, he'scovering his face =.="), that I pity from this Mystogan Cosplay image is, since when Mystogan have black hair, he's a blue hair ^^", and also a little ragged! even though they are rivals but did not think Mystogan would kill Laxus like that, this Mystogan Cosplay Pictures I found at the same site with Laxus Dreyar from cosplay, I also like the blood effect on this Mystogan Cosplay Photo, Cosplay Nice!

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