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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Final Fantasy Cosplay : Cute Yuffie Cosplay

Final Fantasy Cosplay : Cute Yuffie Cosplay
I found this Yuffie cosplay picture so long ago, and I almost forgot it, but when I was looking back my cosplay picture collection, I found a picture of this Yuffie Cosplay and have decided to post them this time, but I really have forgotten where I get this Yuffie cosplay picture, so sorry I can not including the cosplayer name of this Yuffie Cosplay pictures, or the name of the original owner of this Yuffie Cosplay picture.

This is nice Yuffie Cosplay pictures, I think this Yuffie Cosplay picture looks quite similar to the original Yuffie, considering Final Fantasy already a hight 3D, so it would be difficult to make perfect Yuffie cosplay, or to make Yuffie Cosplay which very similar to that existing in the everyone imagination, because everyone must have the different imagination. =.= " ummm my writing seems to digress is not clearwell ... I'm not in the mood to post, but essentially I'm very love with this Yuffie Cosplay picture. Nice Yuffie Cosplay!

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