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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My battle as a cosplayer.

By Elerem Bachoco

I'm eLe =) but I prefer to be called eLeChi (dunno, just love the nick- sounds like chibi xD)

Anyways. I started cosplaying just last year..I meant officially started (with a group etc..) coz I've always been a cosplayer at heart even before I started officially

Before I cosplayed last year's October, I'm already in a review for my board.

Now here's were the conflict starts...

I freakin' FAILED my board =X. Now my MOTHER blamed COSPLAY. >.<

Probably she's right for like 40% but she's really giving me a hell..

I don't hate my mom..(why would I?) It's my fault for failing the board anyway...

It's just that...I wish she would stop nagging me about cosplay.. =(
It really hurts to be told "Stop cosplaying or else I'll burn your cosplay stuffs and everything related to it" *ouch* is it too much...? idk =(

No matter how I tried saying to her that its not the COSPLAY's entire fault why I failed (coz not attending reviews was my choice & I wasn't even cosplaying during those times...just wandering around town haha) SHE JUST SIMPLY WON'T BELIEVE ME =(

I'm not really sure if whatever I'm sharing here right now makes any sense to anyone who reads this...I don't need sympathy either just trying to let this out..keeping this for weeks..aaaargggh it hurts =X

Now. I just have to prove HER wrong this this time. PROVE.

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