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Thursday, February 24, 2011

My one year in Konohagakure.

by Von Fritz Evangelista

Today I celebrate my first year in Konohagakure. It's been a year since I bought the pirated Naruto DVD Collection at 888 and entered the world of Naruto. Wow, it's been just a year but it seems I grew up with Naruto and his friends all along.

I didn't have any idea about Naruto until late 2008. Though, I love ninjas ever since. Oh well, when I was introduced to Naruto, my world was turned upside down. Change of lifestyle. My room became full of Naruto collectibles, I began studying Nipponggo, I was addicted to cosplay...and anything Japanese. Seriously, I love Naruto.

I learned a lot about this boy who was from zero to hero. He's my new best friend...since Harry Potter grew up fast after the last book and married Ginny. Haha. Yeah, I was an HP freak way back but now that Voldemort's dead, I got to find a new pal. I could see myself in Naruto. He loves his friends and so do I. And I admit, his set of friends is what I wanted to have...for reals.

Naruto's world is a beautiful complexity. That's why I consider Masashi Kishimoto a god. I met a lot of characters and they're awesome. To mention a few, I love Rock Lee, Shikamaru, Itachi, and Hinata. Haha. These people have something in common with me...striving against all odds, wisdom, the love for a sibling, and secret feelings.

Naruto is not all about the heroes. It also gives a glimpse at the life of villains...making us understand how they came up evil. And that has something to do with cruelty of life as is. Everything has a reason. Now Naruto has only his charm to change things.

It makes me sad whatever is happening to the latest chapters in the manga. Everything gets darker. It's disturbing how everything started so happy and then crumble to ruins. Oh well, let's just hope for a very good ending.

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