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Saturday, February 5, 2011

One Piece Cosplay : Califa Cosplay from CP9

One Piece Cosplay : Califa Cosplay from CP9
If i see this Califa cosplay, it always reminds me of Sanji nosebleeds, Califa is the only female member of CP9 which is a government agency n led by Rob Luci, Califa is Awa-awa devil fruit user, Paramecia type with the ability to transform them selves into soap, no wonder she looked so smooth ^^. and Sanji really weak against califa.

Lately I'm always posting cosplay pictures from my cosplay photo collection, so forgive me for not being able to include cosplayer name or the name of the original owner of this cosplay photo ^^', ummm this Califa cosplay pictures are very sexy, I think she's very fit as Califa , she was beautiful, her tall I think no less than 165, although I think she was not born in April 23rd as Califa ^^. This Califa cosplay very beautiful, and very fit with Califa i ever imagine, (actually I've forgotten what califa like xD) but she reminded me again to Califa. great Califa Cosplay!

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