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Friday, February 25, 2011

One Piece Cosplay : Fresh Miss Valentine Cosplay Photos

One Piece Cosplay : Fresh Miss Valentine Cosplay Photos
Well ... actually I never had thoughts to post Miss Valentine Cosplay Photo, but when I'm looking for  One Piece Cosplay photo, I stumbled across this fresh Miss Valentine Cosplay Pohoto, I think The first "word" i tough when first time i saw this Miss Valentine Cosplay Photo is "Fresh".that because this  Miss Valentine Cosplay Photo very dominant with yellow color and lemon image on the Miss Valentine cosplay cotume, really made me want to make orange juice when saw this Cosplay Photo. (and I immediately bought orange juice for real after seeing this cosplay photo xD).

This is very neat Miss Valentine Cosplay photo, and also very refreshing. I took this picture from you can go there to see the original cosplay pictures, but unfortunately I did not find the cosplayer name of this Miss Valentine Cosplay Photo, Miss Valentine is one of the baroque works agents and she is a subordinate of Crocodile, She paired with mister five (i guess he is the most slovenly man in one piece series =.= "she was always pick one's nose in public) Miss Valentine has a devil fruit ability called Kilo-kilo it can make change her weight at will, even reaches thousands of tons Lol. this Miss Valentine Cosplay Photos are really very fresh to be seen ^^. I love this Cosplay Photos.

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