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Saturday, February 26, 2011

One Piece Cosplay - Perfect Emporio Ivankov Cosplay with Stunning make-up and Cosplay Costume by Harumi

While I was looking for One Piece Cosplay photo, I accidentally found this Emporio Ivankov Cosplay Photo, what do you think of first when you heard Emporio Ivankov :D (I guess it Scary xD that what I tough when hear that name >.<), but take it easy this Ivankov Emporio Cosplay Photo is not a Emporio Ivankov Cosplay male version, the cosplayer name of this Emporio Ivankov Cosplay is Harumi, she is a real girl and also beautiful too, (but with Emporio Ivankov Cosplay Costume she still looks horrible xD) I can't imagine that was behind this Emporio Ivankov Cosplay Photo is Harumi, I already post her Cosplay photo before, and she's beautiful for real.

This Emporio Ivankov Cosplay Photos I took from, I think Harumi really has succeeded in creating Emporio Ivankov the king transvestite with a very perfect, that stunning make-up has turned Harumi into awful Emporio Ivankov :D, this Emporio Ivankov Cosplay photo is truly awesome, we can feel the atmosphere of this cosplay photo, and Harumi looked so totally with this Emporio Ivankov Cosplay, as well as setting the background of this photo is very supportive and very representative figure of the Emporio Ivankov. well ... This is Perfect Emporio Ivankov Cosplay Photos!.great work!

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