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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rabu Rabu Kusupre Deto

by Steven Vivero

I'm so back.

(L-R) Yuu as Empress Tianzi and Me as Li Xingke from Code Geass, Kai as Nagamasa and Sai as Oichi from Samurai Warriors.

Cosplay has been part of me and I would like to thank Yuu Sinner for introducing to me the world of cosplay! *reminiscing*

I cosplayed Li Xingke from Code Geass w/ my cosplay date Yuu as Empress Tianzi. It was our dream cosplay pair after all and good thing that Katz (888's Event Manager) came up to this idea. :)

I was so amaze to see new cosplayers like those who cosplayed Code Geass, The World God Only Knows, HS of the Dead, KW Maid-sama etc! :)

w/ Code Geass cosplayers haha!


and whoa, who's this?!
Kakashe and Kakashi
Oh yes! It's my favorite pair all the way from Cebu, Kakashi Sexy no Jitsu and Kakashi! Welcome to Bacolod! :)
all the way from Cebu, was able to meet them in Flesh

Yatta! This gathering is not only for cosplayers but also to people who have been supporting the craft eversince. Hello guyssssss! Thanks for being there. :) (BraiXFlo and friends, Shea and friends, Team Batotoi and TPpips) TAG TAG TAG PHOTOS! hahaha :) and I do hope that soon, you guys will join as well! ohyes! :D

Suprisingly, I won as Best Male Cosplayer and my cosplay partner Yuu Sinner won as Best Chinese Costume.

pinky swear

and since my cosplay tandem Yuu doesn't want to join the Cosplay Love Relay game, I paired up w/ my brother Kai for this one and yes we won! (Sorry girls, we need wallclocks! jk) :) haha


Erm. Congratulations to fellow winners, Raikee (Best Female Cosplayer), Raikee and Bea (Pocky Madness Winner) and Fu-chan and Jay-chan for (Sweetest Couple) <3

It was a fun-filled event but we got tired that unfortunately we weren't able to do the "cosplay walk" along the streets of Lacson. Anyways, HiYuTa (Hitsuzen, Yuya Boys and Tinta) had quality time in Mcdo w/ new cosplay friends!:D

Oh boy :) Hope we'll meet again guys! :)

kitakits sa Mcdo

Happy Heart's month guysssss :)

Mata ne.

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