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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Why I wasn't in costume.

by Josalie Solis (aka Grell)

I'd just like to say that for me, cosplay is not a competition. It's my art, my passion. People asked me why I didn't join last saturday's competition (Kosupurei Deto) it's because for once, I'd like to be there as a fan, and not as a contestant. I wanted to watch cosplayers with out the mind set of winning or loosing, without the pressure of humiliating myself onstage... I just wanted to experience it from a new point of view.

The sight of cosplayers walking down the stage and introducing themselves.. people who have smile on their faces just taking pictures of cosplayers.. it already makes me feel like a winner.

So yeah.

I guess my point is that I really have love and passion for what I'm doing. And.. it kinda.. 'hurts' (dunno the right word for this part, hehe) If people keep asking my why i didn't join the COMPETITION. I join competitions, right. But I join because I want to share what I love with other cosplayers who share the same passion as I do. I'm not aiming for the prize because seeing people's happy expressions when you cosplay their favorite character, heraing them cheer for you and taking pictures with you... that's already the best prize any cosplayer could recieve.

And yeah. I only wore a wig and a forehead protector to KosDeto because I didn't bother wearing a costume. I knew very well that all I was going to do the entire day was to help Katz-nee, take photos, fan-girl, run around the place, fan-girl, help Katz-nee and run around the place while fan-girling, taking photos and helping Katz-nee so i'd just ruin my costume. Teehee.

And message for the new guys.

Cosplay whoever character you want to. Don't be afraid of doubles. As long as you have the heart for it and you know you can do it, go on. No one's stopping you. ;)

Hrng i talk as if I were a pro. lolol. <3

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