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Friday, February 4, 2011

World of Warcraft blood elf cosplay

World of Warcraft blood elf cosplay
I found this World of Warcraft blood elf cosplay picture was a week ago, and I've forgotten the site address where I found it ^^" sorry. I had to post World of warcraft elf cosplay before, which I thought was very cool and beauty, and now I have another picture  of World of Warcraft blood elf cosplay, that is cool too!! ^^

she's blonde girl and wearing  the Blood elves costume, she is perfect, which I think is less cool from this  World of Warcraft blood elf cosplay image is a weapon she carried, a weapon that she carries less look real, and less on detailed ... and i dont like with the color green in her dagger ^^", maybe that will look more real when in black. but overall I'm very love with this World of Warcraft blood elf cosplay, this cosplayer girl is very similar to my blood elf character in World of Warcraft >.< i want play world of warcraft more often. i love it! greatt cosplay!

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