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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blahs and More

by Stein Vivero, Segunda Espada

It was an awesome August for this year!

Full of fun, excitement, thrill and what-not.

Hitsuzen VIP Kai as Ciel PhantomhiveI accompanied Kai in Davao in representing Bacolod for the SM Cyberzone Cosplay Tournament Finals. He cosplayed Ciel Phantomhive from the anime series Black Butler. He did an awesome job and I did saw a great improvement from him. I didn't regret to say YES when he asked me to come w/ him as his cosplay duo for the finals. We supposed tp have a short musical skit for his act, but little did we know that human props are not allowed (which we thought that it wouldn't be an issue since it wasn't disclosed on their general guidelines or EVEN in the waiver).

Anyways! It's fun to meet new people! new cosplayers! and new friends! We first met CDO cosplayer Lexter : Optimus Prime followed by the lovely ladies during Kai's rehearsals (Zhel, Yuki and Maki). Cool.

Congratulations to Optimus Prime! Oyeah! We weren't able to see him after the event,just in case you happen to read this, I do congratulate you for winning and for being so kind and friendly!

Yuki! you're such a great Suguinto! Maki, my co-PA, thanks for the companionship and photo tips! and ofcourse! Zhel! Thank you very much for showing us Davao's hospitable nature and also to your friends, Dennis, En, Ms. Joy (Ambox) and the rest of the guys, thanks for showing us around.

EMI! dance goddess.♥ haha hope to see you guys next time. And of course! I love Hiro's Place, i love their onigiris ♥

VisMin contestants
We failed to eat durian, but we'll take the challenge next time.
If we only had a spare day.. gee. Anyways! let's just keep our fingers crossed.

and YES! We are already ending August and the FUN doesn't stop there!.
Hitsuzen Inc will be celebrating it's first birthday! :) To my fellow Hitsuzen, Let's celebrate life, companionship and victory! YATTA!
and Animotion is really in motion! I'm already registered! WAAA! Just wake me up when September ends! haha

See ya!

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