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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fairy Tail Cosplay Cool Jellal Cosplay

Jellal is the villain in the Fairy Tail, and a childhood friend of Erza Scarlet when they are both as servant in the tower of heaven, Jellal also the person who responsible behind destruction of the magic council and utilize energy from the shot etherion magic which he uses to activate tower of heaven, Jellal is a very strong person but can be defeated by Natsu when natsu turned into a dragon (actually not a dragon yet, just dragon scales came out ^^") and natsu success to stop Jellal plan.

well ... i love this Jellal Cosplay Photo (not the cosplayer =.=") think this Jellal Cosplay Photo looks very cool with the angel shooting from below and shows the sky as the background truly represent Jellal obsession, and also cosplayer has a face and postures that are similar and fit as Jellal, as well as Jellal Cosplay Costume made ​​very well, I bet this pohoto was taken when he was enjoying the fresh air in the tower of heaven ^^. i love this Jellal Cosplay photo. nice!

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