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Monday, March 21, 2011

Fire Emblem Cosplay Amazing Louise Cosplay

Anyone know the Fire Emblem was games or anime o.o? cos I reallydo not know about this Fire Emblem Cosplay photo, which i got now I guess Fire Emblem is the game, Louise is a very pretty girl and she is the wife of Pent, "Oh, Lady Louise! Always so sweetand childlike ..."--- Erk, yeah ... in addition to beautiful Louise is always look Childlike and sometimes behave overprotective to her adopted son Erk, Louise ability to use the Silver Bow she good skilled on using Bow, and In order to get Pent to choose her as his wife, she gained his admiration by vowing to protect him with her bow, with which she possesses deadly skill, rather than singing and dancing like the other girls

=.= "ok, I'm really still confused with this Fire Emblem Amazing Louise Cosplay, I still not get this is a game or anime, whatever >.< this Amazing Louise Cosplay reminds me of acher class in Ragnarok Online, I think they has similar costume, I really love with this Amazing Louise Cosplay Photo, i love the cosplayer too, her name is Ren Tachibana (same cosplayer with Noel Vermillion Cosplay that I posted yesterday), this Amazing Louise Cosplay Costume has been made ​​with very good and also high detailed, and I think to some any part of it look more detailed than the original costume on the pictures ^^". i got this Cosplay photo from, this Louise Cosplay Photo was Amazing!

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