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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Harajukize NGC Opening Salvo Outtakes

NGC..? Stands for New Government Center. Obviously you wouldn't know what and where it is unless you live here (Bacolod).
(I've decided to at least start with the introductions now to spare me from work load later D)
~Von once again gave us this amazing concept of making our own Japan .
As you all know Japan itself is the Cosplay Capital of the world but its not like we're copycats (Or are we..?) whichever I don't care.
All I know is this project is for the benefit of all those who love to dress up and cosplay in our place.
It's actually rare in a small town like ours to have stuffs like this. Literally people around us gets shocked seeing us in "you-know-what-clothes".
Well I can't blame them. We were not raised in this kind of culture but we have the right to "try" it because we're hooked and love it ..

Why NGC?
~Because...err..I'm not quite sure yet LuLz .
The place itself is convenient in our part. Well its not "super crowded" but usually (especially) on Sundays the place is packed with people and families (that's actually according to Von).
It has this huge fountain in front of the building (thanks to our Mayor for being such artistic in mind and-never mind).
And the wind. It's crazy. Too bad for long wigs they'll die there.

Here's a glimpse of the "NGC" Romel used to call this "Nakahara's Mansion"

All over it was fun. Always.
Never thought it would go that well
It even drizzled earlier and we were like "Oh noes! No rain please"
Luckily it didn't

So I guess thats it for now.
Noticed.? Not much spoof tags
I'm tired...and kinda feeling down.
My brain is too empty I can't even crack a joke right now >.<

Feel free to grab but not too much please
Expect another like this next next Sunday (hopefully)

And I thank you TINTA for helping us
To everyone who attended and participated thank you also
See yah next time guys.

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