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Sunday, March 6, 2011

How to be a Hitsuzen 'kizuna'

There was a time when Hitsuzen Inc encountered problems with managing members. Come November 2009, the Hitsuzen Core team was formed after everyone's commitment to organize the BLEACHED Project. The core was composed of 9 members and swore to each other that whatever happens, the projects would go on.

A series of projects followed. And inevitably, Hitsuzen Inc reached the limelight of success. But the problems didn't end there. As the team got known around the city, many neophytes wanted to join in. Learning from history, the core didn't want to accept any more members because they might just be people who wanted to jump in the bandwagon with no commitment at all.

It's the worst problem Hitsuzen Inc encountered. They wanted quality projects for themselves but they didn't want to hurt other cosplayers who greatly wish to be with them.

Thus, Hitsuzen-Kizuna was born.

Kizuna, in Japanese, means 'bond'. The core established this system of accepting fellow cosplayers to join their projects by means of close friendship or sharing the same interests just like a family. Also known as VIPs, kizunas are not part of the core but are important people who got the passion, the commitment, and the guts to cosplay under the banner of Hitsuzen Inc.

There was no membership fee. There was no initiation involved. The core would have wanted such but they thought it might complicate things. So how did kizunas became kizunas? Literally, because of the BONDS.

It is something that cannot be explained. Some kizunas were once Hitsuzen Inc's stalkers. Some kizunas do not cosplay but they just love anime and want to have fun with the group. Some kizunas are pains in the ass but are sometimes useful in projects. These people bonded with Hitsuzen core. They were not acknowledged as kizunas right away. It took time.

Yes, TIME. For all those times, the good and the bad, being with the core no matter what defined the meaning of being a kizuna. Some people gave up, some stood up until the end. TIME is the best INITIATION one can get from his superiors.

Now what happens when a kizuna wants to be out of Hitsuzen Inc? The Hitsuzen core sets him/her free. Everyone is ready to let go. In the first place, there was no official baptism of being a kizuna.

You came in because of the bond.

You have the choice what you want to do with that bond.

When you cut that bond, it's over.

The Hitsuzen core will continue to strive.

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