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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The importance of having a cosplay team

by Von Fritz Evangelista

I didn’t expect getting this far with cosplaying.

I began as a camwhore myself...realizing later on that plain camwhoring was mere egotism. With cosplay, I gotta pose with a purpose. That’s why I’m so into it.

Come late 2008, I was an independent cosplayer. I had to prepare my costumes alone, manage my shoots alone, enjoy my outputs alone. Oh well, I longed to meet people who could understand me and appreciate my craft at least. There’s Cosplay Bacolod. But the question would I get in?

October last year, I managed to meet some friends who were desperate to cosplay in Electric Masskara. No...forming a team wasn’t on our minds yet. We just wanted to cosplay by joining the rest of the cosplayers in Lacson Street. We wanted to become members of Cosplay Bacolod...or of TINTA Productions as we knew it.

We wanted to be part of the family...but we never made it.

Now look at the brighter side.

The rest was history. We were so naive. We tried to contact Cosplay Bacolod slash TINTA Productions about joining the group but we failed to meet our demands. In the end, we decided to cosplay on our own...thinking that Cosplay Bacolod was ‘exclusive’ for TINTA core members and their friends. It was later on that we realized our mistake and misunderstanding.

HITSUZEN INC was born. We strived to be stable so that we could stand against the giants of cosplaying in the city. We formed a TEAM because we felt it was a need...and that we had enough of trying to be on a group that we just don’t belong. And with that, we earned some good outcomes. I was grateful to meet new friends...friends that I could trust no matter what and are enjoyable to work with.

Eventually, we were able to settle our problem with TINTA Productions...who was managing Cosplay Bacolod. The bitterness we had from the start was transformed into a good friendship and we ended up respecting each other. Now here’s our enlightenment: TINTA Productions is a TEAM, COSPLAY BACOLOD is a gathering of cosplayers whether they have a team or not. We couldn’t be members of TINTA but we could be members of COSPLAY BACOLOD.

TINTA Productions, somehow, showed us what a Cosplay Team is like. When it comes to cosplaying, a large number of people is difficult to manage. So having a team is an ease. It’s nice working with a few people whom you can trust and that you understand one another.

Before we knew it, HITSUZEN INC – BACOLOD was getting serious and the bonds we formed became strong. Along with it, the tide was turned. With our team becoming known all over the province, a lot of inquiries arose. It seemed like history is repeating itself and we are on the hot seat. PEOPLE NOW ARE ASKING IF HOW THEY COULD JOIN HITSUZEN INC.

In lieu with this, we would like to share these enlightenments.

*We couldn’t say NO because people might think we’re EXCLUSIVE. Just as we thought that TINTA Productions/Cosplay Bacolod before was exclusive.

*We couldn’t say YES on the other hand because with a growing number of people joining us, the essence of being a ‘team’ will be marred.

*HITSUZEN INC – BACOLOD is a TEAM...a group composed of nine active members each with a corresponding function.

*HITSUZEN INC – BACOLOD is not an ORGANIZATION that is open for interested members and caters their needs.

More and more cosplayers in the province are becoming active. After ANBU Fest 2010, we realized that cosplay is no longer happening in Bacolod City. We had cosplayers who hailed as far as Himamaylan City in the south and Sagay City in the north. Hence, COSPLAY BACOLOD will no longer be applicable.


*WE HEART COSPLAY MOVEMENT is not a TEAM which has exclusive projects for its core members.

*WE HEART COSPLAY MOVEMENT is an ORGANIZATION that is open for interested cosplayers and cosplay teams.

WOW! It seems like the art of cosplaying is getting much here in the province. This is not a matter of egotism anymore. We talk about teams and orgs and such. Well, the future of cosplay in the province is bright indeed.

After all, having a team or an org is not required for cosplay. If you have the PASSION, you can cosplay all the time. Let’s not stain the art by just jumping in the bandwagon. Wear costumes but do not lose your sense of identity.

As I said, I didn’t expect getting this far with cosplaying. And I never thought my simple sentiment about cosplay teamwork would make an article this long. I told myself I don’t have to do this. But well, if it’s for the betterment of everyone, why not?

Long live cosplay!

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