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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Naruto Cosplay Fight Advice

Dear Naruto fans, if you are really determined to fight on the scene, enacting encounter between Naruto and Nine Tailed Fox (find Naruto Cosplay costumes and Nine Tailed Fox costumes on our site Naruto Cosplay) let me introduce you to a little set of advices for beginners.

Naruto Cosplay Weaponless
If you want to enact a duel, do not ever try to copy everything you saw in anime, it will be either boring or funny. Let us go to staging part.

Fight Rhythm

Your experience determines what rhythm of fight to set. If this is your first event, consider fighting in duel, i.e. between two opponents. You would rather do at least one little break during performance. This can be done either by stopping fight to exchange a couple of phrases or to regain lost weapon. And it will be really wise to record all replicas beforehand as it is difficult to speak while moving and jumping, your breath is not smooth.
You would better train in a very slow rhythm, you force yourself to stay still even in not-so-easy positions. It allows you to make more professional and persuading movements that will impress the public when you do it faster afterwards. Otherwise you run a risk on inaccurate moves that will look amateurish. You do not want to feel haste in a fight.
In case you are experienced in fighting (at least a year of kempo), even though not in cosplay fights, you can use different kinds of techniques and make complicated moves.

Cosplay Weapon

When you put on your favorite Naruto costume and other Naruto outfits, the next step would be to find a weapon of your liking if any weapon is needed at all. You should know that it is more difficult to enact cosplay appearance without weapon. It required an outstanding physical condition and experience; otherwise you will resemble fighting drunkards or beating a weaker opponent. I would recommend duels with weapons, and especially with one of the most popular one, a sword. It can be samurai katana or European flamberg. Rapier is not advised for a novice as it can be a dangerous toy in inexperienced hands of a newbie or if cosplayers are nervous.
Never use fake souvenir weapons in cosplay fights even if it looks awesome. These kinds of toys are not for fights, and can be used for making pictures only. If these weak metal devices crash, the fragments can cause a real harm to a cosplayer. Of course there is a contactless fight that can be as much or even more effective than contact fight. Contactless cosplay fight means you stop your weapons one or two centimeters so they do not touch, but you need a lot of experience and strong hands to perform this kind of cosplay duel.
With these advices your favorite Cosplay of Naruto appearance will look very nice and more professional.

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