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Friday, April 22, 2011

Pokemon Cosplay Cute Kamitsure Cosplay Photography

Here is this, the another Pokemon Cosplay photo, the caharacter name is Kamitsure (well. .. still not sure about That :D), I think Akmitsure is the Japanese name of this character, while for the English version of this character name is Elesa, Elesa/Kamitsure is the Gym Leader of Nimbasa City's Gym of the Unova region, and her specializes in Electric-type Pokemon, players will meet her and challenge her at fourth Gym fight, and will get a Bolt Badge if player successfully defeat her, she also has a nickname Shining Beauty and actually this Kamitsure character design has inspired by American models.

Well, I guess I don't have another word on this Cute Pokemon Cosplay Kamitsure Cosplay Photography, besides Grattttt cosplay! The cosplayer, Kamitsure cosplay costume, and That pokemon doll has made ​​this cosplay photo look cool >.<, the cosplayer name of this Pokemon Cosplay Cute  Kamitsure Cosplay Photography is Yuzu Inumachi, (I think this is the first time I post her cosplay ), and that cosplay costume has been made ​​with very good and very similar to the original costume, i got this great Pokemon Cosplay Cute Kamitsure Cosplay Photography from, so dont forget to visit the original site ^^.I love this cosplay!

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